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Aspects Revealed is a concept dedicated to illustrating, describing and explaining aspects of the use of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (the STEM subjects) relevant to any product. Such products may be information on containers, instructions, machines, displays and the like which have been designed for public use and display information of a technical kind. As a concept, Aspects Revealed augments such technical outlines and summaries as are found on products, that are by themselves insufficient descriptions and explanations of the use of STEM subjects in the manufacture or production of these products.

If your company or organisation wishes to apply this concept and utilise our experience and expertise in this area (see example to the right) then please contact us on 0207 7366889 or office@firststeps-geo.co.uk.

Aspects Example

twickenham example

“STEM in construction” is part of “Aspects Revealed” which focuses on utilising hoardings at construction sites to illustrate the use of STEM in this field. Each hoarding is supported by a dedicated website where further information on each of the subjects highlighted is provided together with career opportunities.

Every hoarding provides an element of social contributions to the local communities.

STEM in the “RAW”


Knowing the nature of matter and the forces which govern its behaviour

  • in the natural world
  • and in the social world
  • to produce an understanding of how things happen and their consequences


Providing the means to manage and manipulate

  • natural and man-made systems
  • within natural and man-made environments
  • to produce materials and processes required that permit the theories from science and engineering to become reality


Generating solutions to perceived problems

  • involving the statics & dynamics of systems
  • an ability to predict the performance of such systems
  • their interactions with environments and humanity


Description, explanation & prediction by quantification of

  • objects, subjects, their occurrence, magnitude & frequency
  • their relationships and groups
  • their behaviour